A. When the team members enter the room, tell them “This is a verbal hands-on problem.  You will have one minute to select the five team members who will compete.  The others may sit in these seats and watch (indicate the seats) or leave the room.  They may not assist in solving the problem and may not talk at any time.”


B. Judge reads to team:

Part I:

  1. This is a two-part problem. In Part I, you will be given 4 minutes to think, discuss and create your solutions.  

  2. Once time begins, it will not be stopped.  Questions count against your time.  You may only use the materials provided. 

  3. Your team has been commissioned to make 5 sculptures to display at a local hospital.  At the end of the Part I, the team member will place each of the sculptures by a number (1-5) on the table then present it to the judges by naming it.  You will be scored from 1 to 25 in total for all 5 presentations of the sculptures and their names.

Part II:

  1. You will be given 3 minutes for Part II.  Once the time begins, it will not be stopped.  If the judge asks you to repeat or to clarify your answer, it counts against your time.  Speak loudly and clearly.

  2. You have been each given 7 cards.  Five of the cards are numbered from 1-5 and the other 2 are blank.  The team member with the red cards is to respond first then the team members will answer by going counterclockwise. 

  3. Each team member is to respond to each of the sculptures.  The team member that responds is to place their card beside the sculpture with the same number as the card for which they are responding.  For example, a team member who responds to sculpture #1 would place their card with the #1 beside this sculpture.  You must respond using the numbered cards (1-5) first.  Only after you have used all the numbered cards may you respond with the 2 blank cards.  The blank cards can be used to respond to any sculpture that you choose. 

  4. You will receive one point for each common response and 3 points for creative. This will be a subjective opinion of the judge and the judge's decision is final.



Give team the following items:
12 straws                                                   2 pieces of 12” string
4 rubber bands                                           6 pink cotton balls
2 sheet colored paper                                 12 colored paper clips
16 small twist macaroni                               2 pieces of aluminum foil
8 mailing labels                                           8 pipe cleaners
4 cotton swabs                                           2 paper plates
2 Small window envelopes              2 Styrofoam bowls

Multiple team members may work on any of the solutions.  There is no requirement that each member construct a separate sculpture from another member.

Items listed above
Card numbers 1-5 and 2 blank for each of team members
Card numbers 1-5 to put on table for each of the sculptures


Ó Vonnie Boitnott