JUDGE READS TO TEAMS: (Do not read material in parenthesis)

  1. You will have on minute to think and three minutes to respond.  Questions count

           against your thinking time.


  1. You will receive one point for each common answer.  Highly humorous or creative answers will be worth 3 points.  This is a subjective opinion on the part of the judge, and the judge's decision is final.


  1.  You will use a die in giving answers to this problem.  After your turn is over, pass the die to the next team member.

  1. You may not skip your turn, nor repeat, nor pass.  If one member of the team is stuck, the team is stuck.
  1. Once the time begins, it will not be stopped.  If the judge asks you to repeat or clarify your answer, it counts against your time.  Speak loudly and clearly.
  1. YOUR PROBLEM IS:  When the sun goes down, we often see our way in the dark by starlight.  This compound word is formed from two words that each have a separate meaning when they stand alone. A die has been placed in front of you.  On your turn, you will roll the die.  If the number you roll is odd, that is, 1, 3, or 5, you will give a word or phrase containing the word “STAR.”  If the number you roll is even, that is, a 2, 4, or 6, you will give a word or phrase containing the word "LIGHT."

 Your PROBLEM IS:  (repeat #6).

 Think time begins now.  (Start stopwatch.)


 If a team member rolled an even number but gives an answer containing the word STAR, or rolls an odd number and gives an answer containing the word LIGHT, tell him he must give a different answer.

 Common responses: 
STAR:  Star of the show, Star Wars, North star, Movie star, etc.  Any answer directly related to objects in the sky or actors .

LIGHT:  Sunlight, light bulb, turn on the light, light up, etc. (Any answer about light in its usual sense that is not humorous or makes an unusual connection)

Creative answers:      
Humorous or unusual applications of the words, or extensions of it; different spellings or pronunciations
STAR:   STARtled, Fresh STARt, The Big Bang starred in A Star is Born, Daren Starr, Rats (Star spelling backwards); It took the STARch out of me
LIGHT:  sLIGHT of hand, Bud Light, The Rock needs to LIGHTen up, Lite Brite, ELITE gymnast

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