NON-VERBAL SPONTANEOUS:  Stacking Structures

This is a Two-Part Hands-On Problem.

You will have 6 minutes to work and complete your solution.

In Part 1 you will have 5 minutes to build.  In Part 2 you will have 1 minute to stack your structures.

You may ask questions or talk to each other at any time.  Time, however, will continue. 

 Your Problem Is: 
PART 1:  Using only the materials given, you are to build as many separate structures as your team chooses.  All structures must be 3 dimensional and at least 1 inch in height.   You may use the scissors as a tool, but not as part of your solution.

PART 2:  Your team will stack the structures you have built.  You may not use any materials to attach the structure to one another. They must stack like blocks with no connecting materials.

 You will be scored at the end of the one minute in Part 2.

When you are scored, you may not be touching any of your stacked structures.  The stack must stand alone for at least 5 seconds after you have finished building in order to be scored.


You will receive 3 points for each inch of height of the stack of structures, as measured after it stands for 5 seconds.

You will receive 15 points for each individual structure.

You will receive 1-25 points for teamwork.


Give each team the following materials:
20 straws, 20 toothpicks, 2 sheets of 8 x 11 paper, 1 envelope, 3 sticky labels, 4 pipe cleaners, 1 cube of clay, 6 index cards, and a pair of scissors.

  L.Love 2003