This is a Hands-On Problem.

You will have 6 minutes to work and complete your solution.

 Your teams’ materials are:  2 straws, 1 ruler, 1 yardstick, 4 sticky labels, 1 small paper cup, 1 eight-foot length of string, 1 small magnet, 1 envelope, 3 toothpicks, and 2 pipe cleaners.

You may ask questions or talk to each other at any time.  Time, however, will continue. 

 Your Problem Is:    In front of you is a target area with metal washers placed with a numbed side down on colored circles whose numbers match the number on the washer.  Using only the materials given, you must flip the metal washers in the target area so that the numbered sides are face up on the colored circles.

Each washer flipped over and remaining entirely within its own circle will receive 5 points.  Each washer flipped over and remaining partly within its circle will receive 3 points.  Each washer flipped over and touching its circle will receive 2 points.  Each washer flipped over and entirely outside its circle will receive 1 point. Any washer touching a circle NOT its own, will receive – 5 points. 

Team members may not enter the target area. No part of a team member’s body may enter the target area.  Team members may not touch the washers directly.  If a washer is touched, it will be removed by the judge and receive no score.

You will be scored at the end of 6 minutes or when you decide to stop. 

Scoring will be based on the total number of points received, minus any penalty points for a washer touching a circle not its own.  (Repeat “Your Problem Is…” and then give the team a copy of the problem, without the “Judges Only” paragraph.)

 Time Begins Now.  (Give team 6 minutes.) 


Before team arrives, number 15 metal washers (3/4 “ or larger) on ONE side only, numbers 1-15. (Number them with a Sharpie™ or other indelible marker.)  For a carpeted surface, cut 15 construction paper 4” diameter circles, and pin them into the carpet.  For a hard floor, tape the colored circles, or (for garage floor or outdoors) color the circles directly on the surface with chalk. Number each circle, 1-15. Mark the area around the circles in a six foot square with masking tape.  Place one washer, numbered side down, inside each circle, matching numbers.

Give each team exactly 6 minutes, unless they request to be scored sooner.

Team members may remove the washers from the target area and return them again, but DO NOT tell them that unless THEY ASK!  Team members may not touch the washers at any point or in any location.  If they do, remove that washer from play.



         (6” x 6”)

© Lisa Love 2002