Pick up the Pace

By Allen Ball

A. This is a verbal problem. You have one minute to select the 5 participating team members. (Give team one minute to choose.)

B.  This is a two-part problem.  In round 1 you will be given 1 minute to think and 2 minutes to respond.  At the end of round1 one, part two will be read to you and you will have 1 minute to think and 2 minutes to respond.

C. You may not alter the materials you are given for this problem in any way.

Part 1

This problem is designed to test your speed. You have 1 minute to think and 2 minutes to respond.   If you complete all responses in 1 minute you will receive 50 bonus points.  No bonus will be given for responses completed in more than 1 minute.

You each have 2 cards in front of you.  When you respond you must put one card in the middle of the table.  The next person may not respond until the card is in the middle of the table.

Common responses will receive 1 point and creative responses will receive 3 points.

Your problem is to name things that are usually thought of as being slow, but are actually faster than people may think.

(Judge repeats: Your problem is …)

Part 2

In this round, your goal is to improve upon your time in the first round. For each second faster than your previous time, you will receive 5 points. In other words, the total time you use to answer in this Part will be subtracted from the total time you used to answer in Part 1, and 5 points awarded for each second’s difference. If you do not complete your answer in less time, you will not receive any bonus points in this round.

Again you will use the cards in front of you.

You will again receive 1 point for common responses and 3 points for creative responses

Your problem is to name things that can happen in less than two minutes.

(Judge repeats: Your problem is …)