Stretching the Boundaries Non-Verbal Spontaneous
by Allen Ball


This is a non-verbal problem.

You will have 8 minutes to complete this problem.  The competition will end when you are finished or time has ended. Your problem is to build a structure within the marked square, and then add extensions.  No part of the structure or extension may touch the ground outside the line at any time.  Time will end if any part of the structure or any extension touches the floor beyond the line.

You will be given materials with which to build your structure. You may use only those materials for your solution.

You may talk to each other at any time.

The problem is: to build a structure as high as possible.  After you have built the structure, you will attempt to add extensions that cross the boundary lines, but do NOT touch the floor.

You will have exactly 8 minutes to build both your structure and the extensions. At the end of 8 minutes, or when any part of the structure touches the ground, time will end and your structure will be measured for score.

Score will be as follows

Each inch in height of the structure: 3 points per inch
Each extension crossing the line: 5 points per extension
The combined distance of the extensions: 4 points per inch
Team work: 1-20 points


Give each team the following materials

1 small roll of Scotch tape

20 straws

3 wire coat hangers

20 pieces of spaghetti,

3 pipe cleaners or similar objects

6 sheets of paper

1 12" piece of string

2 pieces of cardboard (shirt cardboard or similar size)

1 empty soda can

1 soup can

5 marbles

Before the team enter the room, mark a 2 x 2 square on the floor with masking tape (on carpet), floor marking tape (in a gym or cafeteria), or chalk (if outdoors.)