In front of you is a board with a blank sheet of paper. You will be given three pens with which to draw on the paper. In Part 1, you will be given 2 minutes to plan what you will draw. You may not begin drawing during Part 1. You will have 4 minutes to complete your drawings in Part 2.


You may talk among yourselves during PART 1. ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME MAY DRAW DURING PART 2.


Each person must participate during Part 2 at least one time. Common responses will be worth 1 point, creative responses will be worth 3 point, and highly creative responses will be worth 6 points. Questions count against your planning time. Whether the drawing is recognizable as a given object or idea will be a subjective opinion on the part of the judge, and the judges’ decisions are final.


Your problem is: YOU ARE TO DRAW AS MANY REPRESENTATIONS OF "THINGS THAT ARE COLD" as possible during your 4 minutes. You must label each drawing to tell what it is. You may change artists, but each team member must be the artist at least one time. All 5 members of the team must participate in some way during Part 2.


(REPEAT: Your problem is: YOU ARE TO DRAW….)


NOTE to Judges only:



3 colored pens, each a different color

A large sheet of newsprint paper or a posterboard

A flat surface or table on which to draw


Be sure all 5 team members draw at least once during the 4 minutes of Part 2.


Common responses: Drawings of such things as an ice cube, ice cream, icebergs, milk, snow, winter, icepack, snowman, etc.

Creative responses: Drawings which represent things such as the cold war, the cold shoulder, The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, White Christmas, a person scolding another, etc.


NOTE: Artwork does not have to be excellent, but the item drawn should be somewhat recognizable (judges’ opinion!) If you think it is NOT recognizable, you may say "unclear – draw again!"


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