1. This is a two part problem. You will have 4 minutes to work in part I, and 2 minutes in Part II.
  2. In one of this year’s long term problems, a genie grants wishes. In Part I of this problem, you are to use the materials given to each of you to make a creation representing something you would wish for if you were granted one wish. Everyone may use any of the crayons.
  3. You have 4 minutes to make your creation. You may talk at any time during Part I. At the end of Part I, you will place your creation next to one of the five index cards on the table. Each item will be given a score of 1-10 points for creativity.

(Read 1, 2, and 3 again.) "Begin".


Be sure each team member is given the same materials: one sheet of tissue paper, one rubber band, one paper clip and one sticky label. Put a box of crayons on the table for all to share.

At the end of four minutes, make sure everyone stops working and puts his/her creation in the center of the table next to a numbered index card. Mark points for creativity (concept, use of materials, engineering) on the score sheet.



  1. In front of you are 5 creations, each numbered. In this part of the problem, you are to give a verbal comment about these creations.
  2. Common answers will be worth 1 point each; highly humorous or creative answers will be worth 3 points each.
  3. Your problem is: Tell what you might use one of creations to do.
  4. Before each answer, you must first tell the number to which you are responding. For example, you could say "5, I would use it to mop the kitchen floor."
  5. You have 2 minutes to give responses.
  6. You must respond in order and continue around the circle clockwise.
  7. You may not skip your turn, nor repeat, nor pass. If one member of the team is stuck, the team is stuck.
  8. Questions count against your thinking time. Speak loudly and clearly.
  9. Your problem is: Tell what you might use one of the creations to do. For example, you could say "I would use Number 1 to give my sister."

Time begins now …


Be certain before you begin to read in Part II that each creation is beside a number and that the team can see the numbers. Mark the creativity scores before you being Part II, but DO NOT tell the team their scores.

Be sure to indicate which team member will give the first answer in Part II.

Creative answers would be ones which focus on some particular aspect of the item in question, or which give an unusual or humorous use other than the one that is obvious.

Ó 1999L.Love