When the team enters the room, tell them this is a verbal-hands on problem.This is a two part problem. In part one, you will have 7 minutes to make a solution and practice. In part two, you will have 3 minutes to present your solution to the judges.You may talk to each other at any time, but time continues.


You will be given materials to use in your solution, nothing else may be used. Only the paper products may be altered, marked on, or torn.

Your team is to use the materials given to build a UFO. In Part 2, you will tell a story about it, using the props you are given. For our purposes, anything that can fly will be considered a UFO, not just a "flying saucer".

If your team can make the UFO fly for any amount of time on its own during Part 2, you will receive 20 bonus points. A team member may not throw or toss the object or blow on it directly to make it fly. You will be given materials to help your UFO fly in Part 2.

You have 7 minutes to build a UFO and to devise a story from the props.

Scoring will be as follows:

Creativity of the UFO: 1 to 20 ptsThe UFO flies on its own: 0 or 20ptsCreativity of the Story about the UFO: 1 to 20 ptsEach prop used 20 props @ 1pt each: 1-20 ptsTeamwork in both parts: 1-20 pts

(JUDGE reads the bolded portion of Part 1 again; then begins time for Part 1, giving the team 7 minutes to build the UFO and create a story. Be sure to give the team a TEAM COPY of the above requirements.)

Part 2:

Your problem is to tell a story about an unidentified flying object.

Your story must include your version of the UFO and at least some of the props provided for you. The story can be anything the team wants and can be presented in any way the team wants.

You will also attempt during this 3 minutes to have your UFO fly. A team member may not throw or toss the object nor blow on it directly to make it fly.

You have 3 minutes to present your story and fly your object.

(JUDGE reads all of Part 2 again, and then begins 3 minute time period for Part 2.)


For judges only:Give the team a bag of 20 props. These can be anything you can find lying around the house. Make sure there are some everyday items and some wacky ones as well. Examples are shoes, socks, thermometers, hair brushes, egg whisks, etc.

Also give teams the following materials to build their UFO.4 sheets of construction paper.

2 pieces of cardboard.8 different colored markers

5 pieces of tape4 mailing labels.

1 piece of string 12" 5 marbles

3 paper plates

4 paper cupsGive teams the following materials to help the UFO fly2 yard sticks

1 box of any size3 rubber bands of varying sizes 1 piece of elastic2 hard back booksThe UFO must fly on its own and may not appear to fly. It does not matter how long the UFO is in the air.