1. This is a verbal hands-on problem.
  1. You will have two minutes to think and four minutes to respond. Questions count against your thinking time.
  1. You will receive one point for each common answer. Humorous or creative answers will be worth 3 points. This is a subjective opinion on the part of the judge, and the judges’ decision is final.
  1. In front of you are some costume items. You are to use one of them to demonstrate each response you give, or use them as part of your response.
  1. Your team will take turns in sequence. You may not skip your turn, nor repeat, nor pass. If one member of the team is stuck, the team is stuck.
  1. Once time begins, it will not be stopped. If the judge asks you to repeat your answers, clarify it or give another answer, it counts against your time. Speak loudly and clearly.
  1. Your problem is: You are to make up a story that begins with the line "One bright, sunshiny day…" Each team member is to add a line to the story. You must use one of the items on the table as part of each of your responses.
  1. Repeat # 7.


Team should be given items such as a hat, an earring, a lei, a vest, a pair of socks, etc.

Team members do not have to use the items as they might normally be intended. Creative responses could be made by using the items in creative ways. Other creative answers might involve plays on words, humorous responses, and incorporation of unusual or less literal aspects of the objects or the subject of their story (such as holding up the vest and saying the character in their story had a lot inVESTED in something.)