Stuck in the Middle

Judges: Tell teams this is a non-verbal problem. Allow them one minute to choose the participating team members.


This is a 2-part problem. In part 1, you will have 4 minutes to construct your solution and practice. In part 2, you will have 2 minutes to accumulate score.

Your problem is to move as many of these balls (point to balls) from foul line 1 to foul line 2 (motion to these areas as you are reading).

Each ball must first pass foul line 1 then touch the taped off area between the two foul areas before crossing foul line 2.

You may not toss or bounce a ball directly with any part of your body.

If a ball does not touch the inside of the taped off area, it will not receive score. Balls touching the line will receive half credit.

Score is as follows

Each ball that touches the inside of the taped off area, then crosses foul line 2 will receive 4 points

Each ball touching the tape only will receive 2 points

Teamwork will receive 1-25 points

For Judges Only:

Give teams the following materials to work with

2 yard sticks

1 broom

1 kitchen ladle

3 mailing labels

1 piece of string 12 inches

3 pieces of card board, various sizes

1 Paper bag

Give each team 4 ping pong balls during part 1 for practice, and a total of 12 in part 2 for scoring.

The ball does not have to be tossed, but do not tell teams this unless they ask. Also, more than one ball can be sent at a time, but again, only tell teams this if they ask.