On The Wall

Tell teams this is a non-verbal problem; allow them one minute to choose participants.

You will have 6 minutes to solve this problem. You can ask questions at any time, but time continues.

Your problem is to hang as many of these objects on the wall as possible.

You may not cross the foul line at any height. If any part of your body crosses the plane of the foul line, the materials you are attempting to hang will be removed from competition.

Score will be as follows:

Each object on the wall will receive 5 points

If the bonus object is hung you will receive 10 points

Teamwork will receive 1-25 points

For Judges Only:

NOTE: Be sure to only do this problem if you have a wall which cannot be damaged by any of the materials (perhaps an outside brick wall or garage wall) . It is also possible to position a sheet of plywood to serve as the target area.

Objects to be hung on the wall:

1 deck of playing cards taken out of the pack

5 spoons (plastic)

20 straws

A shallow Tupperware™ bowl marked bonus

Building objects

2 yard sticks 3 dowel rods

3 strips of tape 12" 4 mailing labels

3 rubber bands 1 paper bag

2 pieces of cardboard any size

Teams may attempt to hang more than one item at a time or bundle items, but only tell them this if they ask.