Tell teams this is a non-verbal problem


This is a two-part problem. In part 1, you will have 5 minutes to build a structure out of the materials provided. In part 3, you will have 2 minutes to demolish the structure as creatively as possible.


You will be given a bag marked structure materials and a bag marked demolition materials. You can only use the structure materials for building the structure and only the demolition materials during the demolition period.


The structure must be able to stand on its own for 10 seconds in order to count for score. Judges will measure the height of the structure before the demolition period begins. If the structure cannot stand on its own, there will be no score for height, and no demolition period.


The team may demolish the structure in any way they wish as long as no team member directly or indirectly touches the structure with any part of his or her body. In other words, a team member may release an object for demolition, but may not simple hold onto an object and hit the structure with the object in his or her hand. Any activity considered dangerous by the judges will be stopped.


Demolished will be defined as: being reduced in height by more than three-fourth of the original height. A demolished structure will be reduced in height by 75%. For example, a structure that was 20 inches in height will be considered demolished when the height is less than 5 inches.


Score will be as follows

Each inch of the structure’s height: 2 points per inch

The structure is demolished: 0 or 5 points

Creativity of how the structure is demolished: 1-25 points

Teamwork: 1-20 points


For Judges Only

Give teams the following materials in a bag marked structure

25 tooth picks

1 piece of clay, 2"cubed

4 mailing labels

2 sheets of construction paper

5 straws


Give teams the following materials in a bag marked demolition

3 tennis balls

1 piece of string 12" in length

1 dowel rod, 12 inches in length

2 pieces of construction paper

2 pieces of tape 3" in length

1 plastic bag

3 matchbox cars

2 straws


JUDGES: You may wish to cover the table or work surface with plastic or newspaper to prevent damage/clay stains. You will need a tape measure to measure the structure before and after demolition.